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Organization for humanitarian Assistance

           Organization for humanitarian Assistance (OHA), established in the year 1994 is an Afghan, non-profit, non-governmental and non- political organization, cooperative partner of UN and other international organizations implementing developmental and humanitarian projects in the southern region of Afghanistan. OHA strives to contribute to the achievement of sustainable development goals (SDGs) while strictly adhering the humanitarian principles, and key elements of good governance; participation, transparency and accountability.
The intention is to alleviate sever suffering, spread awareness, enable people to become selfemployed and self-dependent at village, district and city levels for boosting rural and urban economy and livelihood in consultation with donors and local communities.

With having 29 years of experience, extensive knowledge and strong roots in the society with a wide range of network and access to the hard to reach areas in the Southern provinces (Kandahar, Helmand, Urozgan, Zabul, Nimroz), OHA has been able to successfully implement 109 developmental and emergency response humanitarian projects with an impartial, neutral, independent, humane and transparent way funded by various donors (see the; our Donors section).

Close relations with people in particular with Shuras, community elders, religious leaders, and
having a professional and experienced team are the key factors of OHA’s successful work in the
remote and unsecure geographical areas.
Our areas of work include; irrigation (canals, culverts, bridges, flood protection), education
(schools, literacy, awareness campaigns), road (structure and construction), capacity building
(management training, vocational training), drinking water (drilling wells and extending water
supply), health system (construction of infrastructure), provision of humanitarian assistance
during natural and human made disasters.

OHA is registered with the Ministry of Economy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and is an
active member of NGO coordination body of Southern-Western Afghanistan and Balochistan
Association for Coordination (SWABAC), with its head office in Kandahar city, and its sub-offices
in Lashkargah and Zaranj cities. The rest of the provinces are either covered by the existing offices
or new offices are established, may the nature of the project require it.